I'm disgusted by the flaming authoritarian response by the Republican Party -- thinking they can smear Dr. Seuss books based on their trumped up assertion that Dr. Seuss has questionable values and is not a good example of properly censured and controlled creative writing for children. Bah! It's totally BS malarkey! Dr. Seuss stories have been wonderful flights of fantasy for children ever since they were first published. The Republican Party would destroy the right of Freedom of Speech in their bid to put their fascist ideas in front of us all, as they continue trying to wreck our basic Democratic freedoms and our American ways. I've been a liberal Democrat all my life -- and I vote regularly. I also have a thing or two to say when there is good reason. I am NOT in favor of a political party that tries to repress my democratic freedom of speech or other constitutionally guaranteed American freedoms. These jackasses need to move along... far along, and far away from our America shores.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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