I’m fortunate, Caleb Mars, I live in a medium size town — NOT one of the BIG cities — in a state that is notably liberal-minded, and where Democrats and Independents are in the majority. As a result, we are a pretty happy bunch here, and we have a keen interest in such issues as environmental preservation, preservation of the wildlife, reduction & elimination of pesticides that kill the bees and the rest of the wildlife, etc. etc. So I guess I’m not as “wide-awake as you would prefer, but I am quite wide awake to the threat of a president who is both incompetent to lead and fundamentally dishonest — a man whose greatest interest is his own wealth, and the use/abuse of his power. He is, in fact, power-mad.

So, Mr. Mars, I do NOT agree with your assumption that “democrats are destroying the future of our cities”. Some democrats might be less altruistic than others, some of us might be inclined to appreciate authoritarian bigots and power brokers more than others, but the majority of us would much prefer to vote for, and work with, men & women of good will, people who are NOT FASCISTS, NOT BIGOTS, and not consummate liars like our current president.

I’m sorry, Mr. Mars, but Donald Trump is, frankly, the least competent, the most dishonest, and the most authoritarian president this country has ever had the misfortune to vote into the Office of the President! And you know who voted this insufferable tyrant into office, don’t you? The Republicans voted for Donald Trump — the Republicans who like having control of the reigns of power, and the sources of wealth generation — because it is the Republicans who most often have the greatest wealth, and the least restraint from the abuses of power, the least restraint from destroying the welfare of the American People and the least concern about the survival of our species (and that of all the other species on our planet that make it possible for Our Species to survive).

You question our worth as citizens by pointing at the riots in the cities and the mob rule. It has obviously escaped your attention that there is a reason for this kind of anger and angst. There is a considerable amount of unfair treatment going on in cities where average citizens cannot find employment because those who control the city’s wealth are investing the cities funds in the automation of our factories, and in reducing the wages of our peoples, IF they choose to hire any.
Our nation needs a Change of the Guard… a new administration with a new set of leaders who have a greater understanding of our needs as a people and a willingness to be of service to our peoples, and not so much toward their on aggrandisement and wealth generation.

It is You, Caleb Mars, who needs to wake up!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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