My review of the new book by Anonymous, and my response to another warning by anonymous comment to me in these forums

I have just finished reading “A Warning” by Anonymous, which I acquired a few days ago. I found it to be straight forward, and very well written, by someone who is a member of the Administration, and who is a Republican member of the support staff for Donald Trump.

Much to my surprise, I received a private message a couple days ago online here from an anonymous commenter who made the assertion that “A Warning” is a book that is actually a “fake” … a book whose intent, (s)he said, is actually to warn us all away from impeaching the president. I was shocked to read such a statement, because I was just finishing reading the book, and I saw absolutely no such intent in what the author had to say. I was disturbed to read such a comment, and then alarmed by it’s implication. Thus, I am sharing my rebuttal to him/her here with you.

“A Warning”, by Anonymous, is a carefully written, well organized, sensible analysis of our present Administration, and our president, and it is refreshingly devoid of partisan diatribe or spurious comments. The author goes to great lengths to portray the president as clearly as possible, thoroughly, leaving out nothing that might be useful to help us all understand what we are dealing with here as a nation. I believe the intention in writing this book was to sweep aside all the rhetoric and the bombast, the convenient lies and the excuses that are being propagated by the President, and his supporters, and the conventional propaganda we are all reading in the political testaments we are getting in the mail from our partisan representatives. As they say, “Opinions are like *******s, everybody has one.”

Our president is not simply an inexperienced political tool of the Republican Party, or the wealthy Top 5% of our nation’s leading citizenry, albeit he is that as well. He is a self-declared authoritarian who sees himself as the pinnacle of human achievement and the one person who he deems worthy of holding onto the leadership position in our nation’s government through the next 5 years. He is not well-balanced emotionally, inclined as he is to loud ranting and questionable assertions regarding America’s role in international politics and our dealing with immigrants at our southern border (among other issues), nor is he intellectually astute enough to serve in that role in such a way that his choices or decisions can be trusted will benefit the large majority of Americans, regardless of how well he has deluded some of us with his diatribes.

Nor has his actions and relations in the world theater of nations, among our allies (whom he is alienating with his bombastic, and overbearing demeanor, and his blatant prevarications), his ill-informed misunderstandings of what America’s participation in NATO means for our national security and safety, and the safety of our allies been beneficial against the predation of the USSR and China. His attempt to bring the U.S.S.R. back into the World Council of Nations was both a shock and a betrayal of our commitment to our allies, and it is not a forgivable “gaff”…it is, rather, a deliberate attempt by Donald Trump to reposition our alliance in favor of his friend, Vladimir Putin, and the U.S.S.R. Clearly, Donald Trump has made choices of who his friends are in the world theater without the approval of our people, nor the leadership of our allies in the world theater. This is totally unacceptable.

To be direct and not mince words here, our President is dangerous beyond simply reckoning. Because of his daily, incessant perversion of the truth, and because he has no respect for us as a people of diverse origins and ethnicity, and because he IS an authoritarian by intent who sees no purpose or value in our national commitment to the democratic ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, he will stop at nothing to maintain his hold on the administrative role that he has been gifted with, gained by the misdirection and manipulation of our previous election process through the manipulation of the Press, which he so despises (and would completely eliminate, transforming it into a true and total propaganda machine that simply mouths the platitudes and the lies of our dishonest Administration at the behest of those who are paying for his re-election), and by the donations of both those in control of our Republican Party, and those among our wealthiest citizens (both individual and corporate wealth) who donated to his cause.

Our Constitution sets forth the role of the Press Cores as independent watch dogs on America’s government, established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution to protect us against the dire eventuality of an attempted coup..a takeover of our government, by Men of Ill Will who would turn our nation state into a despotic machine that supports the placement of a despot in the seat of the President in perpetuity, who would eliminate the rights we hold most dear — our free speech, our care and concern for all our peoples, regardless of our differing ethnicity, our protection of our Allies in the world theater, and our defense of our nation state — our security and the well being of the lands which we protect for our posterity, and the very survival of our species, among many other species who are all part of the Web of Life that makes it possible for us to exist.

In consideration of the possibility that the message I received two days ago by an anonymous individual who was seeking to discredit the author and his new book, “A Warning”, was not a hoax, and because I believe it was more than simply a comment — but rather, a veiled message from our President (who is trying to protect his chance of getting re-elected next year in November), I wish to encourage you, one and all, to read the book, and decide for yourselves, the merit of what the author has to say! I am personally convinced that what is presented in “A Warning” is the truth, and it is indeed a warning — to save our democracy, and us as a people, from losing our freedoms and from putting out the light of freedom that was lit by our founders in 1776, for the hope of our peoples and the world.

This president cannot be permitted to retain his seat in the Administration, nor his control of the press, nor to fulfill his very apparent will to capture the presidency of our nation in perpetuity. Donald Trump is not our King, and he should not be allowed to become our Emperor. As such, he should not be permitted to assume that role for even one more administration. He must be removed before he does even greater damage to our people, our environment, our national relations with our NATO allies, and our world.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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