Into the life of every person, and every political system, and every democratic nation, there comes a time when there is a test. A test of the values and the virtues that a people hold -- that validates their nation, or does not. If we cannot all stand for our Democracy, and our Constitution, then our nation will fail.

Perhaps that is not the crisis of faith that we will face with this President in this, his first term in office. But if it becomes that kind of test of our commitment to our Democratic State, then we will have to stand for what we believe in, or we could lose our country.

I suspect that Donald Trump is not a patriot. He is, perhaps, not even a true citizen of our American nation - perhaps not a true believer in the values expressed in our Constitution. It takes more than simply a birth certificate signed and delivered here in these United States to earn the status of a citizen. We may all witness his failure to stand for what Americans are supposed to believe, if we are truly citizens of our nation.

Donald Trump may not be able to cite the Pledge of Allegiance, certainly not without reading it off a placard.. and possibly not with any sense of conviction.

I'd like to see him cite the Pledge of Allegiance -- and see if he can do it with any apparent conviction - any sign of his commitment and belief in his role as a citizen of these United States. I have doubts.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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