It has apparently not yet occurred to you, Mr. Elsworth, that civil unrest is a symptom -- a result - and not a cause of controversy and riots in our nation.

The Black-Lives-Matter culture group is just one of many of us who are disenfranchised, robbed of our homes and our jobs, and suffering because our health care system is impoverished for lack of adequate budgets to operate -- by the Republican Party, which would rather that all of us who cannot become independently wealthy should simply wither and fade away - because they have become like Ebenezer Scrooge -- and can only wonder why the poor have no food and no warm houses to live in.

(They would never admit that we are impoverished because they have destroyed our means of making a living, automated the factories, put massive machines in the farmlands to harvest the food.) And they don't care, frankly, what our problems are.

Granted, if we who are not privileged to live in wealth cannot control our tendency to replicate ourselves, and create bigger and bigger families filled with starving children, then of course we will starve with them, especially since we don't have the economic and educational resources to find jobs that pay well enough -- and Let Us Face the Truth - it is NOT by working for Others that we can have a decent life. Only by Self-Employment can we achieve economic success. And the best way to do that is to follow the example of our friends in China and Japan -- but forming our business ventures as a Family -- the resources of a Group are always better than the resources of One -- unless that One of us is a Genius who has achieved an education in Engineering, Computer Science or Chemical Biology.

This civil unrest will not go away because we legislate for more police, and higher wages for our police. It will grow and become more widespread--and the War Between the States (of Wealth and Poverty) will grow, until we all deal with the reality of our nation's plight.

We are One Nation, Under God, and we are divided by the truth of our economic condition--which favors the extremely wealthy, and punishes the poor into starvation, homelessness and death by Corona Virus! Our Commercial Economy is not a system that favors Equality or Diversity -- it favors those who are smart enough, or lucky enough, to become educated, and who are willing to make the sacrifices to become educated, and who are creative.

If we don't find the means to redress this massive inequality, it will swallow us all!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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