It is absolutely pointless to assert, or demand, that the House of Representatives initiate impeachment proceedings, because the Senate is controlled by the Republican Party, and the Republican Party is the Party of Trump. It is also corrupt, and it is controlled by the top One Percent of our nation’s wealthiest citizens. They will not act in good faith to evaluate the need for impeachment of their president until there is such a great hue and cry from the other sectors of our nation’s people, our business sector, all our social sectors that it can’t be ignored. This is a power struggle of the deepest, most fundamental kind. The social uproar must become louder, and it must not relent, until the social unrest over this president’s egregiously corrupt and power mad, and fundamentally wrong actions and behaviors is finally dealt with by Congress.

Furthermore, blaming the Democratic Party for the failure of our political system as a whole is not merely futile, it’s blind to the power dynamics of our country’s partisan divide. This is a political and social issue rooted in the power dynamics of our nation’s political system — which encourages those with the money to buy power to take control and then not relinquish it. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

For our nation to rise above this kind of corruption, which is funded by the ultra-wealthy, which includes the mega-corporations and the hidden Top 1% here, all the rest of us (and NOT just the Democratic Party) will have to rise to the challenge. Yes, we’ll have to foment a rebellion — first in the Press, and then at the National Convention and the Voting Polls, and finally, in our Markets, on our television shows, in our newspapers…in every venue we can find to express our anger, our displeasure, and our demands for the elimination of the corruption that has taken control of our Republican Party, our President, and thus, ultimately, our nation.

This is NOT “all the Democratic Party’s Fault”! This is OUR FAULT…. We the People have become complacent and allowed ourselves to be bullied — literally bullied (!) by our Republican Party into accepting a tyrant … a dictator … a Liar and a Cheat as our president.

The Mueller Report was simply the start of the process that leads to the removal of corruption in a our government. Yes, we needed to examine the 2016 Election process and our president’s behaviors officially and thoroughly, but an examination and finger pointing is never enough. Congress must act As a Whole Body to impeach a sitting president and remove him from office. But when the Congress is filled with politicians who are not men/women of good will to all peoples in the nation, then it cannot be trusted to act with good faith in dealing with a corrupt president. The corruption must be cleaned out of the Congress too. Our 2020 election will have to be one where We the People gather our will and our intent, and depose these corrupt politicians from office, and then perhaps we can manage to remove our corrupt president from his throne.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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