It's a tragic piece of history .... when the Europeans (the Scandinavians, and the French Basks, and the Italiens... all those white guys) discovered the existence of the black races down in the continent of Africa, (and then those noble Inca brown races in South America later--and because THEY had Muskets, and Long Knives, and cudgels--they were technologically ahead of the Native Africans and Americans, who were still using Spears and Throwing Knives, and Poison Darts they blew at their enemies (all the locals were similarly equipped) -- it was a less technologically evolved culture than Europe at the time.

So the Europeans saw this opportunity to engage in a bit of human depravity and oppression--because they could. And the poor African Tribesmen (and Native South Americans, and then the Native North Americans) were murdered, tortured, and hauled away to help build our American Nation, at their expense, and through their suffering and egregious deaths, we raised our monuments to European mastery and "civilized peoples".

Here we are today, still dealing with the sins of our forefathers -- 150 or so years later! There seems to be no way to rectify this terrible sin of our ignorant forefathers--unless we can find some way to set up all the people of color in their own businesses so they can become prosperous proprietors of business where they can hire white folks who desperately need a job so they can pay their mortgages, and feed their families.

Suffering begets suffering, unto the 7th Generation of the Oppressed and the Denigrated Poor. The anger keeps boiling up, and the suffering keeps pouring out. There will be no true peace between these American shores until this injustice is eradicated, and we all recognize that we are all one human species--One Nation Under God...regardless of our genetic differences.

God, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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