It's always darkest before the dawn...

Or, perhaps more cogently, a fever always rages highest before it breaks. And healing cannot progress until the body raises its temperature high enough to burn out the infection within its boundaries. We are definitely at that moment in our current Administration.

We desperately need a new leader--a leader who is courageous, caring, and Christian. A leader who knows what it will take to turn our national fate around and save our country, and a leader who is not afraid to challenge the Norms ... and to seek help from our people by choosing a second "battle leader" to lead the charge.

We are at war here, dear compatriots. We have both a Corvid-19 pandemic and a racist/misogynist "Old Guard" confronting us. Our country is struggling with environmental threats that we brought upon ourselves. And we have a crisis of religious disbelief.

It's convenient for some people in the realm of politics to claim that they are Christians (or Jews, or old other faiths), while they hide the truth that they haven't been to their church or their synagogue or their temples in years. While more and more of us are shedding our beliefs in an Abiding Father (Mother), we need our faith more than ever.

The universe is a Living Entity, I believe... and It is composed of myriad bits of living "stuff" -- I should think that after all the millenia that our Great Cosmic Cloud has been drifting along, it would also have changed and evolved--life has emerged and progressed. Therefore "Intelligence" of an ineffable depth has emerged.

So we who have a belief in that Ineffable Being are reasonable to have a belief in the efficacy of prayer. Now is certainly the time for us to pray -- to ask for the help of our Great and Holy Spirit to guide us as we move forward. The struggle is becoming immense, and the lines are drawn.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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