It's presumptive to speculate that the Republicans will react with strenuous objections against a progressive initiative by Democrats in the new congress. Aside from the fact that among the 200K-plus American citizens (we can assume that some of them are voters, and some of them are Republicans) who have and are dying from the Corona Virus pandemic that Donald Trump has not handled with competence, we are a beaten-down, depressed and frightened people now. What is needed in the new administration is a president with a positive outlook, and the enthusiasm of his new opportunities to make a difference in the way we do things here. I think it is reasonable to assert that there has been a great deal of partisan log-jamming and self-serving legislative corruption in the current administration -- and that log-jamming corruption is in need of an honest re-evaluation and then removal from our congressional representatives in the first six months of Joe Biden's administration. (I am, of course, optimistically praying for Joe Biden to win the election in November!)

I am hoping (perhaps desperately) that both sides of our new Congress will choose to work together, and not simply throw up roadblocks, to solve the problems of our nation...of which there are many after 4 years of our incompetent Republican president's unfortunate mismanagement of our nation's issues and concerns.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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