I've been thinking much the same as you about our Corrupt Republican Party, John Dean. The Republican Party has definitely worn out its welcome in these United States -- regardless of how many Trump Toadies clamor for more of their president's vaudeville acts and incessant lying. YES, this country needs to engage in a Constitutional Convention and to declare another party as the standard bearer for the extreme right, conservative elements that beg for a fascist type authoritarian regime -- but such a rebirth would need to be well discussed, well managed, and definitely NOT fascist in political objectives like the current Trump Party.

We need to remember that our Constitution was the original source of our political ideals -- and perhaps we need to update our Constitution before we reform our conservative alternative to our liberal Democratic party.

Furthermore, we need to STOP BASHING THE LIBERAL INITIATIVE -- STOP TAKING THE HORRIBLE DIATRIBES OF OUR SOCIOPATHIC PRESIDENT TRUMP TO DECLARE THEM AS A NEW INITIATIVES OF OUR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY! They are NOT any kind of good example of what a constitutional democracy should function like -- Donald Trump has not read the constitution, and he doesn't care about it. He is an Authoritarian and he wants to be a Perpetual King of our country!

The Democratic Party supports the Constitution, and the freedom of our peoples and our Constitutional Right to Free Speech.

I am not in favor of turning the United States into a Trumpian Dictatorship -- a Banana Republic fascist regime!

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