Joan Anthony - you have a cogent point - but as you haven't stated WHY America has to get all the way to 2024 for a leader who can change the Status Quo, I'll share my perspective on that.

While I think you are among those who don't like Joe Biden - maybe because he's a Democratic contender, and not Republican, or maybe because you don't feel he's demonstrated his leadership well--there is a much greater reason we can't expect a miraculous turn around in our national state-of-affairs.

And that reason is that we have made a hell of a mess of our environment. We are destroying our planet, and the Corona Virus is the Planet's response to the contagion of Humanity. If we can manage to save our planet from our depredations, then the Corona Pandemic will subside, in part because there are fewer of Us around!

There is a much greater, deeper meaning to all of this--and yes, pandemics periodically appear among our species (or any species that bursts the natural boundaries that allow any living thing to thrive on our planet.

So many of us are incredibly arrogant--we think because we've discovered some of the mechanisms of life, and the way the "world works" that we "know it all" -- and Science is King, and there's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy.

There is such a thing as Planetary Consciousness...regardless of whether we believe it or not. There is a thing as a guiding consciousness that is greater than ourselves. We're all like cellular masses within the greater body of our world -- and as such, we can't conceive of that greater awareness -- except for the few of us who are Seers --those who write Science Fiction novels about such things.

But our concurrence and belief in such an eventuality are not required for it to be a working reality.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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