Karma can be a real bitch, ya know? Let’s look at the Big Picture here.

One: The U.S. has an exploding population of both people and pet animals.

Two: We LOVE our cars! We LOVE our trucks! We LOVE our sports, and our houses, and our TVs and our drugs, and our children (lots of children…) especially for those who are too poor to refrain from having them — because we need the food stamps and the services that keep us alive and in a warm house because of our human concern for the children).

Three: A great many of us (particularly the uneducated poor, the self-aggrandizing wealthy (some of whom care nothing about the environment), and an assortment of distracted youth and elderly among us who don’t realize pollution is a world killer (and thus a human killer). Some of them don’t think there’s any real problem with the way we run our lives, use up all the natural resources, pollute the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, and the air. So we merrily go along destroying our only world habitat.

In the midst of all this, we are beginning to see that our economy and our lives, and our well-being, and our resources, all depend on US to maintain our world environment, and preserve our resources, and STOP HAVING SO G.D. MANY BABIES — -especially since so many of us simply can’t find the time to raise them, take care of them, or teach them the valuable lessons of conserving our resources and stop polluting our world with plastics and poisons.

It’s not Donald Trump who is failing to do his job! It’s all of US! And it’s not Donald Trump who is passing judgment on our dying world. It’s something much bigger than Donald Trump — or any other world leader — despite the fact that he think’s he’s God’s Gift to America. (A clue here: He’s NOT!)

We need to 1) STOP MAKING PLASTIC — PERIOD, 2) Clean up our oceans, and dispose of the plastic — -but you know, you can’t just throw it in a dump, or the ocean, or a landfill. It’s a cursed product of our human stupidity and our pride. It will be there 1000 years from now, and the Angels will ask God what He thinks about it…. and you know, I think God will say the Human Race is the most arrogant, and the most stupid, sentient species He ever made — and clearly He made a Mistake. That will be a shocker for the Angels to hear, I can tell ya!

But we won’t hear it, because we’ll have destroyed our world and ourselves by then. Sigh… such a tragedy we humans have made of our world, and ourselves….

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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