Let us recall what the history of Islamic predation has been. Did you have an opportunity to study the rise of Islam. Moslems have murdered Hindus, and Christians, and others not of their chosen religious belief over the centuries since Mohammad declared Islam to be the chosen favored religion of his god. Of course, humans have engaged in religious polemics and wars since before Moses saved his people during the Great Flood.

Religious oppression is a common characteristic of militant faiths. Of course, considering that humans are generally inclined to oppress one another when we are forming new tribal coalitions and building nation-states, and because we have often asserted that our God guides us to justify doing so, our religious organizations characteristically flourished through oppression of the “heathens” in religious wars. Christianity has shared this history with Islam and Buddhism, and the East Indian Hindu religious groups. We’ve been using our religions for centuries to enforce our cultural will and social organization on the “heathens” who are not yet members of our social groups.

I’d suggest that “turnabout is fair play” — now that the Hindus have chosen to teach the Moslems a lesson in India. It’s dreadful and it’s unfair, but it’s “business as usual” for humankind.

I’d doubt the Holy Spirit appreciates our barbarian depredations and our lust for blood and murder, if Yahweh were a pacifist deity — but history indicates he was every bit as committed to making war as his followers. (Sigh… we created our God in our own image, of course.) We’re the descendants of some very aggressive apes…who picked up clubs and beat them into swords (and plowshares…but mostly swords) (and later, into huge crosses and broadswords shaped likes crosses during the Christian Crusades. (I’m not certain what the followers of Islam used as their religious symbol, but I’m sure they had one that they used as a weapon also.) We’ve beaten each other repeatedly over the centuries, using our chosen faiths as our inspiration.

At the time of the birth of Christianity and Islam, Yeshua was teaching in Jerusalem that Yahweh… (the god of the Hebrews) was a god of mercy and compassion, not of war and retribution. Unfortunately, the Hebrews were a militant and aggressive people, and they believed their style of worship was necessary to promote the success of the Hebrew Nation in the land of Israel. The followers of Muhammad and Islam were equally (if not even more) militant and aggressive.

As I’ve said before, it’s been a long road out of Eden (from the song by The Eagles), and humans have paved that road with the blood of those who have not shared our religious convictions. The Moslems, and the Hindus, and the leaders of other major religions have all done the same on behalf of their primary deities.

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