Let's not split hairs here -- conservatives and liberals can both be "religious nuts". But both terms are loaded with assumptions that can be extreme. The alternative to these stances is a muddled, insipid neutrality. "I can't make up my mind which side of the issue I'm standing on...."

I'm a Democrat, therefore, a liberal by definition. I had a hard time once -- a long time ago -- deciding whether to have an abortion or not. I was married at the time, and already had 3 children (2 girls & a boy). I didn't feel that we could support another child. We weren't members of the "middle class".

Ultimately, I had my second daughter, and we went to a doctor later to request that I get my "tubes" tied. Actually, "tying" is not what doctors do--they sever a woman's "tubes" and cauterize them--they don't remove them. That allows the body to heal & adjust to the change. But it totally stops the reproductive process. It doesn't interrupt the woman's normal life processes - so it's not life-threatening.

Before I had the procedure done, we had an interview with the surgeon--who wanted to be certain that I was serious about the procedure--which can't be undone--that I wasn’t going to "lose my cool, or my marbles" and decide later that I had "made a mistake" - and sue him for doing the procedure at my request.

My philosophy is that intelligent people should do the Right Thing, and NOT have more than 2 children (if they are a couple), thus "replacing themselves" - not be irresponsible, by having more than 2 kids to replace themselves. In my case, I had my son after my first daughter was born, and there really was no good reason for me to have a third child. She’s a lovely woman now, and I love her dearly, but still — that was a mistake. I’m sure there are others who would feel cheated if they had two daughters, or two sons, and not the balance of “one of each” — before putting a stop to their family building. That’s a hard choice to make…but there are also many children in foster homes and orphan shelters who want desparately to be taken in by a family. There’s more than one way to have children — and I believe we should shelter those who have no parents.

(I still feel appalled when I see profiles on TV of people who have piles and piles of kids. That is, in my opinion, selfish in the extreme--and what they're doing is catastrophic for all the rest of us.)

Our planet is small - and there are already too many of us. We really need to control our breeding, or we'll overwhelm our world environment, and destroy our species--along with all the other species that are part of the Web of Life here.

There really is no excuse for humans to overwhelm the world with ourselves. Such irresponsible, and selfish, behavior is more than selfish, it's crazy.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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