Let’s Talk About Something New ….

We could talk about what we think of our Leadership…our president, or the Speakers of the House and Senate….or we could talk about the worrisome state of the world’s ecology — the impact of Climate Change, the death of the Amazon Rain Forest, the world’s human population explosion, and the diminishing number of natural species that our planet supports (extinctions of our animals and plants, the threatening loss of our vital bee populations, the disappearance of our birds). But that’s not news…. it’s frightening to the point of terrifying, but it’s not “new”.

No, lets talk about something that our country — our America — has not considered since 1776…something that ought to capture our imagination and our concern. Our Constitution. The foundation of our democracy and our way of life. Who now thinks our constitution is current, up-to-date, in step with the times we live in? Shall we have a show of hands?

I venture to say nobody in this country today would stand for that assertion.

We’ve got a bunch of clowns running the country in Congress, and a bigger clown sitting in the Oval Office, pretending to be King of America.

We have a deeply concerned Speaker of the House who loves her country, knows her business and her Constitution, but fears for the survival of our nation.

We’ve got a mean and nasty old man in the Senate, who’s been running the show for far too long, who needs to settle his affairs and retire with grace and dignity, before he’s thrown out on his head in the next election.

Our president has difficulty reading the prompters when he speaks to the people because, let’s face it, he doesn’t know how to read. So he makes stuff up, cuz he learned decades ago that “pleasing daddy” was far more successful than dealing with all the other things he might have dealt with. (Of course, he wasn’t planning on being the president back then — that’s really a new twist for him now.)

So, let’s talk about the Constitution! What do you know about it? Have you read it? (I’d be willing to bet you didn’t…unless you’re a constitutional lawyer, basically.) Unfortunately, that puts you at a disadvantage here… (me too) because the guys who studied it can run rings around us in a public debate. They can convince us that the Constitution is not a worthwhile piece of legislation…it’s out of date, for Cries Sake! So why bother… right?

They might be right. But the solution is to update it!

What a thought! Let’s all take a look at our Constitution, and pick out the stuff we think is still relevant, and the stuff that needs updating, and the stuff that hasn’t really been relevant since 1800. Let’s have a big party, where we can talk about all this, and pick out some things that are truly relevant for our current state of affairs. Then let’s rewrite it! I’m sure George Washington would approve. He was the father of our country, but I’m sure he didn’t expect his ideas about how our country should behave would last forever, without revisions! Here’s a few possible topics we could discuss:

o The protection and support of our natural environment, such that the water supply is not polluted with poisonous chemicals that do not erode or dissipate, a gift of our industrial manufacturing sector, which is poisoning us all daily and can’t be eviscerated from the water supply.

o The rising water level of our oceans that is threatening our major cities and our lives.

o The destruction of our forests — which, in case you forgot — produces the oxygen that we breathe.

o The ineffectiveness of our Congress, because we keep hiring the same old guys who have the same old hardcore partisan ideas and sentiments, and because they are, for the most part, independently wealthy and determined to stay that way, they only create legislation that supports their private interests, which ignores the interests of all the rest of us.

o Our president, who thinks he deserves to be re-elected in November because, after all, that’s how it’s always been done for the last couple hundred years here in America. If you manage to get yourself elected the first time, then of course you get to be re-elected because you deserve it, right?

It costs a fortune to run a campaign and to get elected — so the president should get his money’s worth when he finally lands in the White House, right? He gets the Golden Ticket, so he should keep it for 8 whole years, whether he’s illiterate or not, whether he’s a Sociopathic Authoritarian or not, whether he demonstrates that he is competent to perform the tasks of his role as our president or not. Right?

Even if he burns down the White House, depletes the Treasury, and destroys the environment by pursuing vindictive or hostile policies (like eviscerating the Environmental Protection laws) or anything that he thinks a previous president might have accomplished during his previous term.

o We’ve been screaming about our “rights” and our “needs” and “what we deserve” for, oh… I’d say, the last several decades. Meanwhile, our wildlife has been hunted into extinction, our beautiful natural forests lands are being destroyed, and our oceans are filling up with plastic — along with a ton of our other garbage, the busted up, out-of-fashion, irrelevant and ugly junk we don’t care about anymore. So at this time, (to pile insult on top of injury), our nation is threatened by the choices and action of our current president.

So why can’t we get some of these real, world saving, issues articulated in our Constitution? I think we’ve all demonstrated quite sufficiently how important we think our ethnic history and our cultural virtues are.

They won’t matter much if the planet dies, will they? We won’t be talking about our “constitutional rights” if we can no longer breathe, if we choke when we drink the water, or if we’re drowning in an ocean that has overflowed — up over our cosmopolitan cities and our farmlands.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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