Mike, you need to revise your final paragraph in this opinion piece... it appears you left out a few words here. Personally, I think your assessment of the mess we're all still in here is on target -- but your final conclusion needs elaboration.

I'm appalled at what Donald Trump did, and what he was trying to do to our nation and the ways we serve and support our peoples. There are simply way too many of us who are desperately poor, can't find a job to save our lives and our families, and far too many (although few) manipulative, ultra-rich controllers who are interested only in their own wealth accumulation, who are willing to wreck our Democracy so they can clean out the Treasury and rob us of everything worth having.

I don't want to see America turn into an impoverished cesspool country like Germany became after that Madman Hitler eviscerated the country during the Second World War, but I got a frightening view of that happening here with Trump. He is, after all, an authoritarian dictator -- and only his festering narcissism and his mental incompetence (I don't give a dang about the propaganda his followers flushed out on us about how fabulous and smart he is) .... (his delusional B.S.).

Trump's mental incompetence brought on by his self-absorption and his narcissism, and his insufferable greed, prevented him from destroying our democracy in his first (and I sincerely hope LAST) horrendous administration!

Adolph Hitler almost destroyed his country, and his war could have destroyed Europe's economy and it's civilization. Narcissistic authoritarian leaders are an anathema on the civilization of our world.

Donald Trump falls right in line with these defective leaders. We cannot put a Madman in the White House at the head of our military troops. It didn't work out well for Germany or Mussolini in Italy. It never works out well for humanity. We all need to go back to our history books and read what a mad dictator looks and acts like. We cannot allow some nitwits in the Republican Party (or the Democratic Party either) to put another crazed narcissist like Trump in our White House again!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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