Morning, Megan Holstein -- Your assessment of the moral weakness and dishonesty of the Corporate Culture is fairly accurate -- your speculation is simply overlooking the Cause. Humans are subject to moral weakness and selfish motives. American culture is grounded on the commercial paradigm that was launched in the 1800s -- it's grounded in the pursuit of wealth and ownership of the means of production, ownership of the land, ownership of the resources, ownership of everything that a commercial paradigm declares can be owned -- be it by commercial exchange, or by theft, or by inheritance. This isn't a perfect arrangement. Humans are, unfortunately, self-centered and selfish by nature. A few of us (very few of us) are motivated by a moral compass that is based in our religious beliefs -- that there IS a God, that He/She Cares what happens on our planet, that He/She either loves us (we who are His creations), or he hates us (we who are His most disappointing and grievous mistakes). Before we usurped the Will and Authority of our God(s), we were more innocent, more obedient, and more careful how we managed our world's resources. These days, however, just as in the "Old Days", we are wreaking our world--our One and Only Livable Habitats--we are using up all Her resources, we are destroying vital habitat, and each other in any (and many) creative ways. In the end, it will be our World Mother who will judge our profligacy, and not God the Father. I sometimes think He gave up on humanity decades (Eons) ago.

The Commercial Paradigm trumped up by our American social system (and I think "trumped up" is a good term for it) is wreaking our planet and our social systems. It's most regrettable - but it certainly is a characteristic trademark of Human Habitation and Human Social Values (or lack of them).

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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