Mr. Sloan, I have a thorough grip… I am well aware of what is happening in this country. I watch the news closely on the Internet and I read … a lot, and daily. However, your understanding of Donald Trump leaves something to be desired. Thank you for pointing out that he is our duly elected President. Granted.. however, he is not just our president — he is a man who has goals and objectives that are not mandated by his formal role as president, by virtue of the fact that he is also a C.E.O… a man with a private business in real estate. He is not just a man who has been educated in the finer nuances of Law and Governance — a man who was hired to do the job of being the president.

Donald Trump is mentally disturbed, a self-serving, authoritarian bigot, and a dishonest narcissist. He has a personality disorder that is not amenable to counseling, treatment or cure. His narcissism permits him to be fundamentally dishonest. He lies — often, and sometimes in egregious ways. Furthermore, Donald Trump does not serve the goals and objectives of our Constitution or our American peoples. He serves his personal goals, his own objectives — and his personal goals are to enrich himself — to the greatest extent that he is capable while he still has the opportunity, and to enshrine his legacy as the most fabulous president America has ever seen — to build a monument to his greatness that will be written in history books.

This is how a narcissist fulfills his personal dream of grandeur and total control. The president that we put in the White House in 2016 is not a man if honor, not a man of noble aspirations, not a great leader. He is a liar and a self-absorbed, arrogant and flawed human being who lacks a moral compass and any sense of noble purpose. This president is the nadir of American achievement, and he would willingly destroy our Constitution, which he has no positive regard for, to turn our nation into a Third World “banana republic” operated by a dictator, if he can.

This man must be removed from office this year, and America needs to recover our understanding of what good leadership entails.

What is needed, furthermore, is a Constitutional Convention that will allow us all to make some much needed changed in the way we manage our democracy — so that our Constitution, which is over 200 years old, can be updated to deal with today’s national and world issues, including the issue of what constitutes good leadership in the 21st century. We no longer have a clear idea how to choose a reasonable, fair-minded, morally upright and educationally well-prepared leader. All these things need to be identified and articulated in terms of our constitutional mandate, and our methods for finding and identifying a suitable individual to serve as our president. Donald Trump is NOT that man! Rather, he is mentally and emotionally flawed, and thus a menace to our people and our democracy.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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