No nation — no empire has ever lasted forever. Rome burned. Fascist/Nazi Germany fell. Every nation that Mankind (and it IS mankind … it certainly isn’t womankind) has ever created has eventually failed and faded. America has finally tried all the tactics, all the ploys, every means at our disposal, to further our way of life and our political machinery for the benefit of the rich and powerful among us. Power corrupts…absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Republican Party has, as you assert, achieved total control of our political mechanisms, and so it has reached the end of it’s rope. It has besmirched and libeled a good president when we had one, and thus President Obama wasn’t able to retain control of the presidency. The rich and the powerful are not pleased when all the rest of America’s minions are being served in any way that is amenable to their survival or the survival of our nation state. Before America had the “Top One Percent” billionaires, there were nobles in Europe, and the Middle East, and China.

Humans have always pursued wealth and control over preservation and fair treatment, or compassion. All empires fail and wither in time. Egypt’s pyramids are the tombstones of their culture. The White House and the Halls of Congress will be ours.

Power Corrupts. Our greatest human flaw is not our will to rise to dominance over all the world’s creatures. It is our greed and our arrogance. We are a species which hoards things, and to effectively hoard things, we must destroy things. This is the great flaw in human self-awareness — the need to grasp and control, and to destroy what we cannot control.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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