Nobody in our Great United States, EXCEPT for those who are members of the Top Five Percent [The Elites] is FREE in our Great United States. We are all ensnared in an economic system that requires that we know our place (which is NOT the same place as where the Elites have theirs), and that we stay OUT of their places. Of course, the exception to this rule is that, for those of us who have awakened to the truth, and the value, of owning our own business, some of us have a chance to become junior members of the Elite Class.

This singular characteristic of our American class system is ubiquitous in our society, and it shows no preference based upon: a) Race, b) Gender, c) Education, d) Age, or e) Religious Preference.

What is most frustrating about this fact of our American social system is that -- for reasons beyond our immediate understanding -- we think that this abiding cultural characteristic is amenable to correction or elimination by us, if we can simply demand loudly that we be recognized and respected for our unique qualities...our cultural characteristics based on our skin color or our gender, or our high level of education.

Ipso facto, we can claim to be beyond reproach and therefore free of any need to justify our acceptability because of external factors -- like our college degree, or who our family is, or because our ethnic/cultural heritage elevates our value.

Frankly, it's tiresome--and we all need to get beyond this nonsense, and realize that what Really Matters is whether, or not, we are making any real progress in saving the planet from the depredations that we keep putting on her--whether we stop playing "Conquer the Hill" through commercial offenses and recognize that the Hill is Dying, Our World is Dying, and we have only a very small Window of Opportunity to Save It!

Our polar ice caps are melting, the seas are rising, there are predatory Warrior Hornets invading our country because they've killed off all the bees in their country of origin, and we're running out of potable, drinkable water... because our Industrial and Commercial "entities" are filling up the streams and the ocean with vile, poisonous industrial chemicals.

In the presence of all of that, it's hard to see that the Ethnic Characteristics or the Gender of our species makes any useful difference, or is of any value whatsoever in dealing with the messes we've made.

Don'cha think?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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