Notwithstanding the truth of the allegation, we are looking at this issue from the perspective of the indignant and self-righteous recrimination of a woman, against the only contender to Donald Trump’s authoritarian control and flagrantly dishonest narcissism and mental disorder. We are comparing our only contender for control of our nation’s political forum, a man who is NOT mentally ill, NOT a narcissist, NOT a flaming liar, and NOT an arrogant, bombastic, mentally ill bigot — to the president we are forced to suffer with — who is all of the above!

Regardless of how many excuses, how many justifications you might pose to throw the baby out with the bathwater, you must come to grips with the fact that the crazy in the Oval Office is facing off against a candidate who hopes to win in the November election — and is not crazy, and not totally self-serving and HAS LEARNED HIS LESSON where the issue of his past behavior is concerned.

Furthermore, regardless of what has occured over 20 years ago, the fact remains that this woman who is now accusing Joe Biden AGAIN after all these years is exercising her right to free speech to engage in an opportunistic attack on Joe Biden’s morality — and she is not doing it just because she can. She clearly has an ulterior motivation that is grounded in opportunism, and it is very likely because she has been paid by somebody to do thisor if not, than even worse, because she is determined to smear his reputation just because she is filled with vindictive hatred and a determination to destroy him, just so she can brag to the world that she “took down the future potential president of the United States”.

This is reprehensible behavior of the First Order, and if all of us allow this woman to do this to Joe Biden, then we are bigger fools than she is!

So, are we going to allow the most dishonest, mentally disturbed, opportunistic and authoritarian (“I wanna be King of America”) — and worst of all, incompetent world leader in American History to stay in office after November? Because if we are, then we can all kiss our American liberties, and our country’s reputation as a world economic leader goodbye, and watch Donald Trump utterly destroy our democracy.

And believe me, he will do just that, and all your lamentations, all your regrets, and all your social indignation will be ineffective and essentially useless. We cannot allow Donald Trump to remain in control of the Office of the President after November this year, regardless of how indignant you may be about Joe Biden being a human being, a man who can and did make a mistake, and who is rising above the agony of that mistake of 26 years ago to challenge the worst president this country has ever had, bar none!

So, are YOU going to rise to the challenge and run for the Office of President?

And if so, are YOU prepared to endure the calumny, the misery, and the despicable mistreatment and disrespect of the people of these United States — the people who will be ready to tar and feather you, throw mud and dog doodoo on you…all so they can take down any man or woman who would dare to challenge our presiding dictator for the chance to do a better job as this country’s much needed Leader and Chief Administrator?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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