Oh my stars! What a Declaration of Independence! Independence from fossil fuels... from Pollution of the Air, the Water and the Land... Independence from dismal credit card debt because we'll have decent (if demanding) jobs... independence from gas & oil powered vehicles... independence from high rent slumlord apartments in filthy, unmaintained, cheesy city tenements! And a host of innovations that will make life livable again!

Dear Lord, I hope you can pull all this off, Mr. Biden -- I sincerely hope that the larger majority of us who are voting Americans (I'm one) will sweep you into Office on November 3rd, and sweep out the riff-raff that is camped out there right now! I hope that more of us will rush to the voter registration centers so that we can vote for you! And that we can keep the gun-toting NRA members from blocking our entrance to the voting booths, so we can vote for you! (I'm very fortunate to live in the great state of Washington, where mail-in voting is the mandated method we have to vote. Thank God!)

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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