OH STOP, Bjorn Erlendur - my comment was based on my recent review of news articles on the makeup of the American Population - and has Absolute Nothing Whatsoever to do with Gender Power or statistics - or who is "On Top" vs. who is not.

This is NOT a fight for gender supremacy nor an attempt to give anyone superiority of place by virtue of any of our customary human characteristics. It's not about who's up, or who's down, or who's White, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, or Gray, nor Who is "regular folks" and who isn't.

All of that is beside the point. Right now we are dealing with a dictator in the White House who is both ignorant and mentally disordered. He is mentally incapacitated by his Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which I lack a Medical License to declare)(but which I have read much about and studied in numerous books).

It's obvious as the nose on Trump's face, an insufferable flaw, incurable by any means currently known in psychiatric and personality science. It is also an incredibly dangerous mental flaw that is common among political leaders who are inclined to become dictators and despots -- such as Mussolini and Hitler and many others.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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