Okay, Mr. Seppanen, since you don't think Kamala Harris is the Winning Ticket, who is your suggested alternative? I've read your piece, I looked for your alternative suggestion, I got nothin' here... Or maybe I should clarify-- YOU got Nothin' Here!

You apparently are one of the folks that didn't get the memo.... Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris because, in no small measure, a large number of minority folks strongly suggested that the Democratic contender should choose a black female to serve as his Vice President-- OR ELSE they would not support his run for the presidency--they would take their votes somewhere else.

This, notwithstanding the fact that they are, like the great majority of the rest of us, NOT pleased with Donald Trump, and DO NOT WANT HIM to be in the White House after the election in November.

Joe Biden listened to what the people said, and what they demanded, and made a prudent choice.

And despite the fact that some people aren't yet comfortable with the idea of a *GASP* WOMAN in the Oval Office, and *GASP* especially a BLACK WOMAN, she IS a college graduate, she is, in fact, attractive (good looks are always a plus), and she is considerably younger than Joe Biden, so she could take the mantle of the presidency if something dreadful happens on Joe's Watch. Not too bad a choice Joe made.

So if you are going to complain, and find fault with the Democratic candidate for the VP, then you should come up with another viable Democratic candidate for the presidency, and his VP--and pass that information along to Joe Biden! Now would be a good time.

Otherwise, perhaps you can try getting used to the situation as it stands. Personally, I'm not voting for another Fascist president for the next Administration. I believe that holds true for the majority of us Democrats, and not a few Republicans and Independents as well!

So show us what you got. Or stop wasting our time.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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