Okay, Mz. Phi, as a Donald Trump fan, thank you for sharing your perspective— that Joe Biden is despicable, and is, as you so aptly stated, exactly like Donald Trump — neither one of them, according to you, is worth the paper they are printed on, Yes? So neither one should be elected as our next president — because they are both pigs. So now, Mz. Phi, who are you offering up as a suitable alternative to Despicable Joe Biden and Trolling Authoritarian Despot (and Liar Supreme) Trump? Surely you have a suitable candidate in mind?

Or are you suggesting something else? If so, what exactly? That we should all vote for Donald Trump, for re-election because we’ve managed to survive as a democratic nation during his first term? Is that your take on this?

Bandy Lee, M.D. and 27 others who assembled their opinions in her anthology shared their thoughts on Donald Trump based upon their professional training and understanding of Sociopaths and Psychopaths. Donald Trump is a Sociopath — Ms. Phi. If you are unaware of the reference I am referring to, it’s in “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trumpby Bandy Lee, M.D. M.Div. (2019). I’ve also finished reading “A Warning”, by the Anonymous author who has served as a member of Donald Trump’s Administrative Team since he has been in the Oval Office. Both of these individuals have providing particularly revealing insights into the temperament and mental state of our president. Most enlightening. Not reassuring, however.

I cannot accept your assertion that Joe Biden is the despicable reprobate you claim him to be. Joe Biden is a man, and a human being, and he has been in the halls of authority and power since he was a young politician. Human beings make mistakes. They can also make retribution for their mistakes. I am still convinced that Joe Biden is a better candidate for the post as our President than the incumbent now is. Joe Biden is NOT a narcissist! He is NOT a sociopath! He is capable of feeling compassion and remorse. These qualities are not part of a narcissist’s psychological profile.

Therefore, I am not convinced that your assertions and your arguments for rejecting Joe Biden are valid or reasonable. If Mr. Biden does not meet your expectations and your assessment of his worth as a candidate for the Presidency in 2021, than I’m sorry for your disappointment. That does not, however, entitle you to conduct a smear campaign against the Democratic Party’s presumptive candidate for the presidency in 2021.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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