Okay, so... when the World gives you Rotten Lemons, what do you do... do you attempt to make Lemonade with rotten lemons? Nope... Do you throw them all out, and then throw up your hands, and jump in your sports car... heading to the beach. Ummm... hmmmm... nah... can't do that either.

SO what would YOU do, Umair? I'll tell you what I'd do...

I'm a woman, and my grandmother taught me that you can't bake a cake in a kitchen full of cockroaches and lacking the basic ingredients. You have to start by cleaning out the cockroaches, scrubbing the dishes, and get the family to help with the project. Then you can take an inventory of what you got that can be used in a cake. Then you send somebody to the store to get all the ingredients -- and considering the filth your kitchen was -- the cockroaches were in everything -- you replace ALL the ingredients for the cake! Then you get cleaned up (you can't cook when you're a filthy mess)... and you bake the cake. And THEN you invite the folks over to eat it--and to celebrate your achievement!

Now that is what Joe Biden will have to do once the Cockroaches and their relatives are swept out of the White House, and out of Congress.

Our Republican Party has, unfortunately, become rather remarkably corrupt. We've got a good bit of housecleaning to do.

But our future president isn't mentally defective, he IS Christian -- he's Catholic -- and he believes in the value of Family, as a result. The United States is our Family.

I believe you are asserting that the job is insurmountable and, as a result, Joe Biden is doomed -- and the U.S.A. along with him. Well, I have a question for you, Umair. Have you ever been on a sinking boat? Specifically, the U.S.S. Titanic?

What do you do, if you're the Captain of the Titanic? Well, if you can't save the boat, then you have to focus on saving the passengers, yes?

Do you know what the Captain of the Titanic did when he had to save all those folks on that boat? He got with the members of the onboard Orchestra (well, it was a shipboard band, but meh... they had violins and violas, etc)... he got the band to PLay On.... to keep the uproar level down, to reduce the total panic, while the Captain got some of the other folks.. the stewards, to organize (as much as you can organize a raving mad stampede of terrified people) the passengers so they could get as many as possible in the few lifeboats they had to work with-- and lowered to the water level -- to save as many as he possibly could.

THAT is what Joe Biden will be doing beginning in November -- to save our lives and our way of life--what is left of what was once the great "American Way".

Nothing lasts forever, Umair--our nation is changing -- it may well be dying -- it certainly will NOT be after this is over what it is like now. And it is you, and me, and all of US who must come to grips with this--and it is NOT Joe Biden's Fault... because Joe Biden is NOT the Devil, and more importantly, Joe Biden is Not Jesus of Nazareth either! He will be our President, and our leader.

And unlike Donald Trump, he will be compassionate -- and sensible -- and creative -- and intelligent. He won't be able to work miracles, but I believe Joe Biden will try with all his intellect and his common sense (and his compassion) to make the best of what is clearly a very difficult situation. He didn't make this mess we're in - but he will try like hell to clean it up. And what more can we ask of him?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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