Okay… So today we get another dose of Republican Smear & Jeer — the Follies Bergere of American politics in the 2020 presidential campaign run. Truth, truth, and everything BUT the truth… as Beatrice Phi joins the ranks of amateur political hacks — running her fingers over her dirty keyboard as she spews out insults and insinuations against the Democratic Candidate who opposes America’s first bonafide Despotic Authoritarian Liar Extra-ordinaire!

You claim you are not voting for “evil?”, Ms. Phi? I claim that you actually don’t know what true evil is when you are looking right at him…and I do NOT mean our American Democratic Front Runner in a bid to replace our Dictator-in-Chief — Our Lying, Sneering, Smearing, Misogynist!!! Our current Chief Executive — the first man to sit in the Oval Office who does not read! And because he does not read, he does not keep up with the issues facing America — he does not deal with the issues either. Donald J. Trump, Fake President Extraordinaire.

Do you read books, Beatrice Pih? Have you read “A Warning” by the Anonymous White House Administrator who is on the Executive Staff of our bogus president, who has seen how he acts, observed how he cannot read?

Not that he makes an issue of the president’s illiteracy. I have read about that elsewhere — I read a great many things, because I truly want to be an “informed voter”.

Are you aware that essentially almost everyone in this great country knows, by now, that our president is illiterate? Now, I don’t mean to imply that he is stupid — he’s not stupid…he’s simply illiterate! But then, Donald Trump is, by nature, A Con Man! He didn’t like doing his homework in high school, obviously, and since he is the son of a billionaire real estate tycoon, he didn’t have to do his own homework. He was able to pay for some other goon to do that for him, so he was able to go out and romance all the girlies at his college! Oh, you didn’t know about that? There’s lots of biographies on the bookmart about Donald Trump. None of them is flattering.

I feel the same way you do, Ms. Phi! I have no intention of voting for an “evil” president in November! And I believe that I am one of many — the large majority of Americans (both Democrats, and Independents, AND even some Republicans) who are fed up with Trump’s lies, and his misogyny, and his Con-Man strategies. Oh, you didn’t know Trump is a “con-man”? Read the books, and the news, Beatrice. And wake up!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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