On the Cusp of the Impeachment of Donald Trump

The High Walls of Avila, Spain

Tomorrow the House of Representatives will be presenting their Articles of Impeachment for our review…and for the perusal of the world’s news reporters. Nancy Pelosi has maintained considerable control over the process of deliberation, and so there won’t be a shark-infested feeding frenzy on the video screens or in the newspapers. The Articles of Impeachment will most likely be well-tempered, and for the most part, “plain vanilla.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is unlikely that Mitch McConnell, Mr. Trump’s most loyal political confidant, will permit the Senate to do anything but reject the impeachment of our president, although the Republican cadre that holds the Senate is not likely to pass judgment in favor of impeachment, in any case. They are determined to hold onto the power of the presidency and the control of Congress until the last moment in November 2020, when we all must cast our votes for the president of our choice.

As a registered Democrat and an educated liberal voter, I fear for the outcome of the 2020 election, because I think the Republican Party will stop at nothing, spare no expense, and will not refrain from exerting it’s full influence over all of America without conscience or good will. They are already flooding the air waves and the newspapers with a deluge of political propaganda and diatribes against the Democratic Party. Such is the grim state of our divided nation, our partisan war against one another. Thus, we may likely be saddled with our corrupt and grossly dishonest president for another four years, unless we all get up and go to our voting precincts and vote to save our country from the corruption that is engulfing us.

I read tonight with dismay and revulsion the commentaries served up by Umair Haque in Eudaimonia and Company about the 2020 election, wherein, in his usual style, he put America to shame for our weakness, and our inability to deal with the growing fascism among our leadership. I’ve seen Mr. Haque’s commentaries over the last year or so, and have always found them disturbing, and sometimes quite offensive, but he does have a strong point about what could be happening in America today, where we cannot deal with the fascist disruptions that are happening on our streets, the mas shootings in our churches and our schools, the disreputable incarceration of the Mexican children and some of their parents in the prison complex down at our Southern Border…so like the Jewish war camps during the Second World War. We have not yet dealt effectively with the proliferation of high-powered AK-47s and hand guns that our gun enthusiasts are buying by the 1,000s, and which have led to another mass shooting this week. We desperately need new laws to contain the proliferation of all those guns and ammo, and we the people could well be facing lawless men with arsenals of guns in our near future, to our grave peril.

It’s not beyond reason to see the possibility of our total loss of our democracy because of this issue. We’ve got a standing army of thousands of people who have weaponry and ammo to enforce their will upon us all, to our devastation and peril.

So I am very concerned about the plight of our nation, and I can’t deny the veracity of Umair Haque’s panic-laden warnings, although I do not want to take him seriously, and I want to ignore him.

But we all need to think deeply about these issues, as we move forward to the Impeachment of our president, and we need to deal with those Hispanic children and their parents in the prison that Mr. Trump has made for them. They should be sent back to their countries, and not help in bondage like prisoners of war.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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