Once again, the Cosmic Balance swings from left to right - because the Law of Karma declares that Whatever reaches its maximum expression turns into it's Opposite. As exemplified in the Chinese Symbol - The Yin and Yang --- Each turns into the opposite to restore and to maintain Balance. Personally, I sometime hate it, unless the positive is maximizing and the negative is minimizing.... but of course, what is "positive" in my little world could be negative in yours... Ugh....

Americans are not as "dumb" as you would like to assume, Umair. But the wheels of the Gods grind slowing -- however, they grind exceedingly fine. We have to get to the point of inflexion - November 3rd, in order to operate within the democratic rule of law here, and remove our corrupt president (and hopefully, whomever among his congressional party supporters we can remove by vote. God willing, we can remove Trump and Pence, and lots of Republican Senators. Sigh...

Of course, that's not a guarantee that the corruption will be removed along with the Republican representative. But I hope the "bad ones" are removed, anyway... AND our authoritarian despot in the White House!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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