One significant element of this social practice is not often articulated in the arguments for (or against) prostitution…of either women or men. That element is the human fascination with the mystery of the “unknown” — the discovery of a once covered body (and of course, the more beautiful the body is, the stronger the desire to see every part of it). Also, there is the potential prurient interest in the discovery of flaws in the body that is covered.

A secondary element in human nature and behavior is the natural desire to possess and control what we discover (if we appreciate it). All things that we might wish to control or consume are limited in their availability and access, and both men and women can have this desire, but it cannot be effectively explored or utilized by a submissive within a group. It is the dominant gender that has the prerogative to use and abuse the option to control another.

Some men (and women) manage to evolve beyond the desire to own or control another over time…usually through experiences that teach compassion — the result of having suffered from the control of others who lack compassion or respect for the “other”. Thus, as they say, to everything there is a purpose under heaven.

Civilizations rise and fall depending on the human response to the perdition or the penchant to own and control others. If the virtues of tolerance and compassion are not learned and expressed in a culture, then war and suffering, and ultimately decline and failure are the natural outcomes of the barbarism that results.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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