Pardon me while I clarify a singular fact about Joe Biden that you have overlooked.

***Joe Biden is NOT our president YET!*** (And I am guessing that he is the "Democratic Leadership" to whom you refer. Unless you think Nancy Pelosi is the "leadership"---she is definitely a leader of the House - but the Senate has more clout, I think (after the President)... and we've got a horse's arse in that role in the Senate. (Sigh....)

He is running for election -- and as such, he has NO AUTHORITY, either expressly conferred or simply implied -- to make any form of declaration or demand to our president or our state police forces, that will affect or determine their choices of action. (At the moment...)

I think it's admirable that you are, apparently, already seeing Joe Biden as a leader who can do something about all of this. God willing he WILL be the leader who does something about all of this. (And I think he would be more inclined to do something positive than Donald Trump has shown, certainly!)

But he ain't there yet, and we ain't yet given him the "hall pass" to start taking constitutional or civil liberty to jump into the fight and take civil liberties. November 3rd is 3+ months away, Mr. Thaler. (More's the pity, but Patience is a Virtue -- or so "they" say....)

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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