Pardon my naivete here… but I have always felt that the purpose of a formal education is two fold — To inform a person (or a child) about the history of human progress and to teach a person (or child) to read and write in his/her native language, and then, if he is fortunate, to teach him alternative languages so he can communicate with others outside his native origin, and then to teach him the value of mathematics, the value of the fine arts, and ultimately to help a person learn to become an effective communicator in the written language or the computer, and to become a problem solver.

I’ve never thought that “information is the paramount component” of acquiring knowledge through formal education. Of course, if you are training someone to become a market development specialist or a computer programmer, perhaps it’s an important component — but never the ultimate objective of spending time in the pursuit of knowledge. Perhaps I’m naive… nah….

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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