Patrick Bonacoscia - you are clearly a Republican down to your shorts... and thus your mind is closed to the possibility that anyone with a more liberal political "bent" and an education that supports it could possibly have any good ideas about fixing what's broke in America. And what's broke in America, sir, is our system of governance -- which is clearly biased toward "trickle-down economics" - which has been a False Promise of Future Wealth based on nothing but inadequate economic theory that was insufficient and full of error years before the current 21st century era. Our government, and our economy, is now running on 21st century science and 21st century World Issues that didn't exist when Trickle Down Theory was first proposed. NOW we have tremendous shortages of resources, we have an atmosphere that is overheated and threatening to melt down our ecological systems, we have water systems filled with lead from deteriorating lead pipes that are still in use in all our housing and government buildings...

There is Great Need for Intelligent Responses to all of these issues. Our world is dying, and we don't have the time to waste on half-baked ideas by political manipulators in high places (think Rich Men with Hidden Motives). Joe Biden is very intelligent, and he is open-minded... he is educated, and he is a level-minded thinker. God willing, he will prevail in meeting the progressive needs of our dying planet and our suffering nation.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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