Poverty and issues of ethnicity / color are the result of social reality — population size & pressures. That is, in turn, the primary cause of reduced opportunities for employment, housing, education, food, and ultimately, economic opportunity.

Where there is an abundance of natural resources (first among them, good drinking water), available access to arable land that can be settled on , or purchased for an affordable price (as opposed to a King’s Ransom), and where there is access to resources offered by civilized settlement (and not hiding in a cave on the side of a mountain), etc. etc. — then there is opportunity, and hope, of rising above a bare subsistence lifestyle.

But frankly, there are a lot of us, too many of us, really. Resources are diminishing. Too much of what might have been possible for us to acquire has already by grabbed off, fenced in, boarded over, and exploited so that others can become wealthy at our expense.

If we can manage to reduce our numbers — without resorting to the barbarian tactics of War, then perhaps we can reach a sensible balance eventually *** like maybe a 100 years from now? *** and restore our tribes and our species — and our planet — to a balanced livable equilibrium.

Or not…in which case, we may simply resort to war over the diminishing resources, until what’s left of us can inherit the Earth.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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