Has Umair Haque EVER followed up on the assertions he posts in the Medium Forums like inflammatory torches thrown over the wall into the American camp by responding in the discussion section of his pieces? Does he EVER answer any questions, or respond to any comments or accusations? I have gone thru all the comments in this one, and never saw one word of response from Umair here. My impression is that he likes to throw out speculative comments and insults, and then leave the “field” to watch all the rest of us scream and yell at him, and at each other.

I think some of the concepts that Umair comes up with in his diatribes could be good food for thought, assuming we can all stop screaming about how stupid the Democrats are (which we are not, we just have a different perspective) … it takes more than one side to hold a real discussion, or to make an argument, OR to propose solutions to any problem. In any case, some of Umair’s speculations might be worth considering at length, and working on possible actual solutions, or alternative views, if the topic generates enough interest. (Some of Umair’s diatribes sound like hairbrained diatribes and insults looking for a target to land on.) But participating in a loud, insulting diatribe against 1) liberals, 2) Democrats, 3) Trump, etc. is a waste of effort and time. Just as reading Umair’s inflammatory speculations is a waste of time, if he refuses to engage in meaningful discussion and debate to find solutions to the conundrums he constantly throws at us all.

Perhaps we should all send a message to the Medium Forum publication managers and demand that they ban Umair Haque from submitting further diatribes against the USA unless he commits to reasonable discourse (which includes participation in the discussion, and being responsive to reader comments). I’d vote for that!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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