Regardless of how awful the current statistics are, and the waning of our American commercialized social nightmare, it’s a fact that this is not the first (or will it be the last) epidemic that human beings will have to endure. We live on a planet that is burgeoning with life — were not so, we ourselves would not be here. We’re getting a first-hand lesson in what life is first like when it emerges from the primordial ooze to begin it’s evolution to the heights.

It’s terrifying, it’s awful, the historical reviews I’ve read about the Black Plague are terrifying. The historical reviews about the Corona Virus epidemic will be the same. But, hopefully, our human civilization won’t be totally obliterated. And our planet will survive.

I think the Corona Virus is actually a development that Mother Nature had in mind. Granted, the Chinese may have developed it, and it got out of their lab and killed a few million of them, and now a few million of us too… and others in other parts of our world. But the benefit of this accrues to our suffering world sphere — our sickly Mother Earth — who has endured and suffered through our horrendous destruction of our eco-habitat, and our world, for generations. It high-time we got our “Thumping” by a tiny little virus that knows exactly where and how to “Stick It To The Man”…. and it’s certainly doing just that! We have nobody to blame but ourselves (or more aptly, China).

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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