Remember when we were all in high school, learning Civics and American History? Was there a lecture on how to deal with a nation in decline, when the government doesn’t protect the people from the predatory behavior of the elites….the nobility (as they are called in Europe). No? Not for me either. Times were better then, and we thought our country would endure forever, and that we’ll all become comfortable middle class homeowners. Then reality struck! A large majority of us didn’t make it to the true “Middle Class”. We didn’t get to buy a home of our own. We didn’t get to go on vacations to Hawaii, or build a swimming pool in our backyard. We didn’t get to have a lot of those fine things the manufacturing sector created for us to buy.

And our politicians were not pleased with our growing lack of financial success and means. Our Republican politicians came to feel that we were inferior citizens if we couldn’t be successful like they were. Their opinion of us common Americans has declined over the years. Now they think we’re all “riff-raff” — an annoyance when we demand that they legislate on our behalf, and pass laws that protect us.

As a nation, we were doing okay, more-or-less, as long as we had a 2-party political system, where one party was more concerned about managing the country’s wealth and productivity, and protected our wealthy citizens from predation by foreign powers. The other party took up the responsibility for protecting the safety, health and well-being of all us common folk, and worked to legislate protective laws and policies for the benefit of us and our children, and the workers in our factories.

That party has been weakened, and is struggling even now, in part because the other party is actively trying to eliminate it. As a political machine, we Democrats need contributions from our members to support our fight for equality and fair treatment. We can’t get the kind of contributions that the Republican Party can get from it’s wealthy constituents. Thus they have grown strong, and we who are not Republicans grow weaker.

Republicans have no use for welfare “scum” who vote on the Democratic ticket. The wealthier republican elites think we all got into this poverty cycle because we didn’t get properly educated, or we didn’t pay attention to where the money flows. We didn’t get ourselves properly set up in cushy jobs in the business sector — the better jobs in management and finance, or the midgrade jobs in accounting. So they privately say “We got what we deserved…. nothing! Hahaha”

These are the times that try men’s souls…and the times when the smell of gunpowder and the sounds of gunfire are in the air. If a people is oppressed to death, and there is no longer any hope for even the basics of a “decent life”, then there is nothing to live for, and the calls for revolution fill the air. We are there now, folks. And we’ve got ourselves a president who doesn’t care — he only cares about those like himself, with plenty of money in the bank and their mansions on private islands.

Unfortunately, we’re all living on the same planet…and like a sinking boat, when the Titanic starts to sink, there’s nowhere any of us, rich or poor, can go — except into our little lifeboats (if we can fit, and if we don’t capsize it).

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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