Saving America is not the job of a President of the United States. The Job of a leader of any nation, regardless of when or where, is to utilize his mind (which should be both sane and intelligent) and his moral compass (presuming he has one!) to make choices and decisions that will help the nation of peoples that he is leading to make good choices and to move in sane and intelligent directions -- (such that the People can move away from wildfires and floods and toward green fields and blue skies) such that we can make decisions that will save our lives and our lands, and not destroy us.

Joe Biden is, first and foremost, a sane individual. He is not a Narcissist (which is a dreadful personality disorder that is neither amenable to positive suggestions nor to seeing "the other person's viewpoint", nor the morality to make intelligent and useful decisions to the betterment of us all).

Donald Trump IS a narcissist -- he is also an Authoritarian -- He wants to establish himself as the King of the Hill -- a position of power and authority for the remainder of his life, so that he may take control of America's resources, and save himself from bankruptcy once his term in office ends.

Joe Biden has a moral compass, and he also has a kind nature. He is well trained to serve as a leader by virtue of his previous experience as our Vice President under the tutelage of Barack Obama, who was a good leader, and is a morally upright and decent human being.

Joe Biden won't save America... We the People must save America!

Joe is one man - One Person, who is fundamentally Honest and he cares greatly for the well-being of our peoples and our nation.

I suggest you read up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and learn something about what afflicts our president and a good many others (both in our country and around the world).

You need enlightenment. There may be "thousands" of people who think Donald Trump is a "white knight" -- but there were thousands of people in Germany who thought Adolph Hitler was the savior of their nation and the world too.

Tyrants and despots are invariably mentally disordered, often narcissistic, and they do not tolerate anyone disagreeing with them about anything. They are capable of murdering people by the thousands, but they always start by lying to the people they plan to control, on a daily basis. Your president is one of them.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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