Of course, we have to have a blood-letting before we can have an election. The traditional sacrifice of the Contender for the Throne is required before we can seriously consider whether we should replace our Chief Prevaricator with someone with different flaws. There are no perfect men, of course... and I suspect there are no perfect women either, for that matter. The Human Paragon is less than perfect. In any case, your "reveal" of Joe Biden is certainly detailed, and damning, and for me, it's quite dismaying...

Unfortunately, the man who occupies the throne in Washington DC now is not a paragon of virtue either. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump is an authoritarian and a bigot, and he is a consummate prevaricator. His life history is not a scintillating monument to efficacious leadership or humanitarian zeal, either.

So, if I have to choose one monster over another, I'm simply going to have to Bite the Bullet and vote for Joe Biden on November 3rd, regardless of how despicable you claim him to be. One king or the other, we have to have one. But at least Joe Biden doesn't assault us on the Air Waves with braggadocio and lies every time he knocks on our TV doors and asks to come in.

We humans have been elevating "sons of the devil" to the Throne of Man since Adam first walked and Eve wailed.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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