Sigh.... let's do just a little bit of arithmetic, shall we?

1) When did Yeshua (Jesus is the modern day alternative name for Yeshua (the original Hebrew name... and He Was a Hebrew, was he not? Yes.. he was...) .. when did Yeshua appear on the planet? 30 B.C.? 2000+ years ago. 2021 years ago... when they were building pyramids? Even if God's time isn't Mankind's time... there's been lots of changes over time, and humans have not become more devout or anymore virtuous in all this time. A large number of us have lost our religious entirely -- along with our virtue and our commitment to any belief in the existence of a Supreme Being. Lots and lots of us never chose to believe in Yeshua at all. 1000s of us are Buddhists, Muslims, and a wide selection of other religions that Yeshua didn't even know existed. So I have to agree with you, inspite of my Catholic commitments, that Yeshua either is NOT coming back, or he came back ages ago, and we missed his arrival. I would say if he did return, he already selected his devoted followers from among the hundreds of us who were disbelievers, or too tainted by our sins to be chosen. The Rescue Mission was accomplished and the boat has sailed.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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