Sigh… while you are correct in your assessment of the march of history, Mr. Lees, there is yet a greater truth… and that truth is that anything worth fighting for will ultimately require the human moral strength to fight for what is worth having, for what is worth saving, and to save ourselves from what is too horrid to contemplate.

The battle is always at the level of the individual. Think about the condition of a warrior — an American soldier, marine, sailor — who goes into battle hoping he will survive and return in one piece, and that America will still be here when he comes home. Think about this solder lying in a hospital bed, his legs shot off, blinded in one eye, suffering and wishing he could die rather than live through the hell he’s enduring.

Think about this soldier fighting for his life against impossible odds…and the doctors who are operating on him, the nurses who are changing his dressings, his wife sitting by his bed, praying for his recovery and his life, crying in her fear that he won’t.

And then think about the day when she is rolling him out of the hospital in a wheelchair, and the hospital staff is helping him into the family car…so that he can go home and be with his family. There is no lamentation or wailing in dismay. There is thankfulness and relief, perhaps even just a little bit of joy, that this solider has survived the hell of war.

That is what American liberty means to our soldiers, our sailors, our marines and all our military forces, and what it means to all of us who are thankful to be Americans.

There is no hope where there is only despair. Hope rises eternal out of our love for one another, and for our country. And it is always a struggle to save what is worth saving. And saving our democracy, our country, and our world from the destruction that is being caused by thoughtless people who don’t care about saving our oceans and our forests, our animals and our world is what we all have to commit to, in the face of adversity and struggles.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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