So ... what? We can't deal with the facts--that our police forces are made up of human beings? Humans who can become sick and die with Coronavirus just like the rest of us? Protective forces that we cannot live without, at the risk of losing our civilized humanity, particularly in the huge cities where we congregate, and where barbarians masquerade and law-abiding citizens are running amok, behaving as the predators they are, and threatening the rest of us?

We should, by rights, be rising to the challenge of our increasingly barbarian social systems by adopting civilizing processes--including our protection of our protectors, and our recognition of their heroism (when they evince it) -- regardless of the fact that some of us simply can't behave as civilized citizens because some of us would rather behave as predators on the rest of us.

I've been incredibly fortunate in my short life--I've always lived in a community where people are (for the most part) law-abiding members of the community, who respect our public servants, among the most heroic at times being our police forces.

If we weren't such predators as a species, we wouldn't need military & police protection against ourselves, would we? Sheesh!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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