So, What Are You Doing this Weekend?

Nothin’? Got no plans? What are you waiting for, the Second Coming?

Err… no? How about …. “Election Day”!

Are you a Republican? If so, is this your season to bash the Democrats? Maybe toss out a Zinger” against those crazy-stupid libtards that you can put up on your personal billboard to impress your friends? Yeah… that’s the ticket.

It sure stinks to be stuck in this waiting game, don’t it? Waiting for the summer to end and Football season to start… Waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we got an excuse to celebrate “SOMETHING” — cuz this year sure hasn’t been a picnic for most of us. We’ve got a lame Administration headed by (sigh… “If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’) a Lying Braggart Know-it-All — whose speeches bore us and who has Zero Solutions to just about every issue we’re worried about. Hell! Might as well bash the livin’ smithereens’ out of those stupid “f***k” Democrat ‘know-nuthins’, right? At least we can get some of our angst out, and a good laugh while we’re at it!”

Well, let me tell you something, friend, What Goes Around — Comes Around — and you are not the only one who is waiting for your chance to express yourself at the polls in November. You think all the Democrats in this country are sleeping one off after a party? You think we’re not seeing you bashin’ the ‘chit’ out of us in the forums and making fun at our expense while you mouth off with your stupid, inane comments — you think we’re sitting around wringing our hands while you dream up the foolish nonsense that you keep spouting in the forums?

We’re taking it all in, believe me. We’re evaluating what you have to offer with your stupid hero-worship of your First American Dictator, your “Liar-in-Chief”, your morally vacuous, mentally incapacitated, fascist wannabe _ a _world _dominator Chief Executive.

I know, I know… you think you own the airwaves, and the Medium Forum…and you think we’re so stupid we can’t count the pennies in our meager little wallets. But you’re overlooking something, honey…

“To everything, there is a season, and a purpose under heaven.” And the meek shall inherit the Earth.” Read it, it’s in your bible — you know, the Good Book you never bother to read…because most of the time, you don’t bother to go to church, do you?

This America that we all live in, that we all share, this, our Land of the Free, and our Home of the Brave, is the only country we’ve got. We all live in it — and that includes the other Fifty Percent of Us who are not rabid, red-eyed Republican Bigots or Misogynistic Authoritarians who don’t give a Tinker’s Damn about our national heritage — our American Soil — our withering natural environments and all the wildlife that lives (and dies daily) in it.

You love to poke fun at us silly “libtards” — but we are the ones who care most about the survival of our species and the preservation of our lands. Much of the time, we are busy as hell trying to save it from the likes of You People…you capitalists who worship the Almighty Dollar and the Stock Market, that your bigoted Capitalist Prophet of the Wall Street Temple of Rapacious Market Economics champions on the Big Blue Screen TV every night, between his rants and raves against us “stupid silly Democrats”. When he’s finished tearing down your precious Capitalist American Dream, we’ll be out here, mopping up the blood and the tears, cleaning out the effluent of your profligate destruction of our environments, clearing away the dead trees in our failing forests, and trying with all our strength to clean up the air that you’ve fouled, so that your children, and ours, can survive in the world you’ve been tearing down about all our ears.

So you can just shut your mouths for once, and open your eyes! And crawl out of your commercial nightmare — and help clean up the messes you’ve been making. You can stop throwing your horse turds at us Democrats, who are not half as stupid as you claim, and who CARE about what happens to our environments, our children, and our peoples.

We all live in the same world — we all live in the same country here — and we cannot afford to lose it because one-half of us has our heads stuck in a dark place (and you know what that place is…), claiming that the other half is stupid, crazy, or incompetent.

You know that old saying…. “It takes one to know one”, buddy!

I, for one, am tired of your bull. It takes Two to Tango. There are Two Sides to every argument, Two Sides to every war, Two to Dig a Grave, and Two to Mourn the death of a democracy. Every coin has two sides.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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