So you feel that America is doomed because, as a nation, we are divided by our dual party affiliations and our excessive commitment to either one or the other--but no compromise that will allow both to flourish?

Generally, when the way we do things becomes untenable, or unrealistic, or out of step with the innovations and changes that have been made in our system, then it is time to design a new system that takes account of the changes in our way of looking at things and doing things, I would say. Clearly, after 200-plus years as a nation state, we certainly have grown and changed a lot here in America. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson et all could not have envisioned the advent of our digital millenium -- our systems under the control of artificial intelligences.

So if we hope to retain -- or more realistically -- recover control of our nation-state, our social systems, and our democratic union, then we had best get to work and device a new social contract that accommodates all our new contingencies -- not the least of which is our compromised environmental support system. The simple fact that the polar ice caps are melting puts before the likelihood of the release of ancient viruses that could kill us before we figured out what they are, and the rising waters can drown out our super cities. Lots to do, but so little time.

Time to take the oars and steer our little boat to a safe shore, don't you think?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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