Sometimes you make me so tired, Umair.... The points you are making here about the destruction of our Democratic form of government by an authoritarian despot who has no conscience and no respect for the Constitution or the people of these United States is a frightening but potentially cogent assessment of the lengths that he would go to, and with the approval of our corrupt Republican Party (if they have come this far toward tossing off the American political system). It's frightening. Yes, our despotic authoritarian narcissist in the White House sees himself as our future dictator. That would be the perfect solution to his impending bankruptcy and the ruination of his life if he is tossed out of the White House in November.

But then you start blackballing the Democratic Party, smearing them because you assert they are not a "functioning", nor a "robust" opposition.

You are overlooking the obvious here, so I'll point it out to you. Because this country operates on a bi-party political system, we have some long standing rules of "civility" and "fair treatment" that, so far, has evolved into a "hands-off" response to the party in power until the periods when we choose a new leader, and a new party to support that leader. I don't know what country YOU come from, but in this country, we WAIT OUR TURNS to promote and enforce our political choices and our choice of political steering committees.

We are waiting until November 3rd, We the People, (not "We the Democrats") to vote for a new president, or reinstate the one we have. There is work going on in the background to make this event occur -- lots of it. And there are LOTS of us Democrats in this country, and LOTS of us Independents, who do NOT want Donald Trump back in the White House on January 3rd. There are also some Republicans who don't want Trump back in the White House in January either!

We ALL know that Donald Trump is an authoritarian fascist -- we all know that he lacks a conscience, that he is bereft of his mental balance -- that he is a Narcissist with a penchant for grave dishonesty and cruelty. We know Donald Trump is, in a word, mad - Mentally Disturbed and a tremendous liar.

But for all civil societies -- and all major governments, Umair, swapping out an evil dictator for a civil servant who has a sense of morality and a sane mind is not something that a Nation, or a governing elite, can do at a moment's notice.

We're not swapping out a light bulb here, Umair.

We're dealing with a person who has power, and who is capable of using it to our lasting detriment. He is not sane, and he is not socially inclined to "do the right thing". Donald Trump is like a bomb with a lighted fuse. He must be handled carefully, and removed from the public sphere of influence carefully, and at the right time. And that time is November 3rd!

So please stop throwing nasty insults at the Democratic Party -- they are not insane. We all must wait until November 3rd to vote, and to remove our despotic president from office.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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