Tell me, Dr. Kazmir, who you have in mind to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate to oppose Donald Trump in November. Surely you must have someone in mind, since you are so convinced that Joe Biden is inadequate. I believe that it would be interesting if another possible Democratic candidate were to stand up and challenge Biden, but more importantly, to confront that horse's hindquarter we have in the White House now. Donald Trump is, by far, the most incompetent and mentally disordered man ever to sit in the Oval Office--a man who cannot face America with any form of honesty, because he is, by nature, a fascist and a narcissist, and because of those reprehensible qualities, he dares not come forth and state his positions openly.

Why is it that you choose to totally disregard Joe Biden’s prior leadership experience as our Vice President, and presume that he is not qualified to serve as our leader now? Is your bias predicated merely on the fact that he is the Democratic Party’s candidate? When he served as vice president beside Barack Obama, he had an excellent opportunity to observe a fine leader at that time, and I’m sure he learned quite a bit. And he is not without education and merits of his own, as far as I can see.

Aah, but then, President Obama was a Democrat, wasn’t he? And as you appear to be a conservative (and I would guess you are a Republican), you must be discounting his service as well. One of the qualities that I find most appealing about Joe Biden is that he has a calm demeanor, and he is respectful of others. He does not present himself as an arrogant braggart, a quality which is a relief. And I believe that Joe Biden is basically honest.

Could you be assuming that the Democratic Party simply isn’t up to the challenge of leading this country, Dr. Kazmir? If so, then perhaps you need to reconsider what the Democratic Party can do. For far too long, this nation has been too obsessed with power politics and the pursuit of wealth over the needs of this country for care and consideration regarding our national resources and our environmental health. The Republican Party and those who belong to it are obsessed with greed and personal aggrandizement — and they don’t care about the needs of our minority citizens, of which there are a great many.

Because of the Republican Party’s failure to plan for the vital protection of our natural resources, and the health of our environment, our oceans are rising as the polar caps melt, threatening our major cities on the shores of both sides of our nation’s continent. Our bees are dying, and without the pollination of our bee populations, our wheat and corn fields will not produce the wheat and corn we need to feed our peoples. I could go on all day about the pollution and the flooding of our cities, but I believe the fact we are all suffering from the pandemic proliferation of our peoples because of the Covid-19 Virus, it should be obvious that our failure to take care of our natural resources, our water and our climate is a mitigating cause of our general ill-health. None of this would have to be happening Dr. Kazmir, if we had a governing political body that takes care of the natural resources and our environment the way that it should, but does NOT do.

This irresponsible, self-serving and greedy misappropriation of our resources and failure to care for our environment is the direct result of our Republican form of government, Dr. Kazmir, and it is NOT the fault of our Democratic political party. Clearly, it is time for a Change of the Guard, and for the Democratic Party to stand forth and take the reigns of government, hopefully to save our nation’s environment, and make a difference in the health of our peoples and our world.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the latest book on American politics and the history of our nation's activities in the two world wars, I'd like to encourage you to get a copy. The book is entitled, "The Untold History of the United States," by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

At 750 pages, it's a daunting read, but it is very well documented -- with a large Notes section and fully documented bibliography. I've found it to be quite enlightening, and informative.

We Americans need to grasp and understand our historic mistakes, of which there have been more than a few, and we need to rid ourselves of our totally unacceptable, and incompetent current president, so that we can heal our nation. If we do not do that with the upcoming election in November, then our nation will fail, and our democracy could be lost to the totalitarian despot we have sitting in the White House now.

I'm sorry, Dr. Kazmir, but I cannot agree with your assessment of Joe Biden. He is a patriot, and a kind and honest man, and he is not mentally disturbed, as Donald Trump is. He is an adequate contender for the presidency, and he has directly related legislative and leadership experience, having already served as our Vice President once. He is a far better candidate for the presidency than Donald Trump ever was. You are mistaken in your assessment of him. I would guess that you are Republican, and a fan of Trump. A pity.

The large majority of us have become quite tired of Trump's bragging and lying, and his self-serving arrogance. It's time for a change of the political regime, Dr. Kazmir. Time for the Democratic Party to stand up and be counted.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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