Tell us what you REALLY think, Drew!

Well, aside from the usual bashing that certain Republicans are laying on “the stupid Democrats” here, I think most of us, in spite of ourselves, agree with your sentiments and your fulminating disgust with our fascist president (oh yeah, Trump is certainly THAT!), and your sense of being gravely offended by the whole charade.

What you, and all of us, need to understand is that 1) All things have both a beginning and an end, and 2) our United States…our America, as a political entity, has reached it’s nadir…democracy, as a political form of thought, is dying. 3) Nothing lasts forever. The only living things in the world that are immortal are a few one-cell organisms in our oceans — and they are, I think, the “seed-forms” of all life on earth, so that once we finish annihilating ourselves and 95% of the rest of the life on our planet, there will be “leaven in the bread” to start a new world (if we’re not so stupid that we kill off every last living organism on our planet first).

The upside to all of this is that, thank God, there comes an end to the depredations of the few and the privileged against the many who are suffering in the agony of our oppression — the oppression put upon us by the Top One Percent of our peoples — the ones who managed to grab all the good stuff when it was first discovered, and are hiding their wealth away for their re-emergence after we’ve all given up all hope of being able to improve our lots in life (Fascism and Tyranny are not amenable to Equality and Happiness) and we start burning down the corporate headquarters and the mansions on the river in the wealthy neighborhoods.

Do you recall the old saying, “Divide and Conquer”?

What we need to survive as a species, and as a nation, is to come to the realization that the future of our democratic nation must be cast in a new mold — one that is not divided into two opposing political parties — one that doesn’t dictate that we all fall into the Haves and the Have-Nots — one that doesn’t have “conservatives” and “liberals” — where the Top One Percent have sewn the seeds of contempt and hatred in the “conservatives” such that we feel we have the right to denigrate all our “liberals” on a daily basis by claiming that the “Democrats” are all dumb asses who don’t know what’s good for us. Essentially, that perspective has the unspoken assumption that “those damn liberal Democrats don’t know their place” — “they’re always raising hell about the inequality of our social systems” — “those stupid democrats got no respect for their betters”!

This burgeoning sentiment in our public discourse is not coming from the “average man/woman” or from our public service-oriented press cores. That sentiment is being seeded among us by our political elite and our Top One Percenters. It’s one of the means they use to control all the rest of us, so we don’t get up one Monday morning and start a full-scaled war against our betters, and overthrow them (while killing each other).

We are facing the very strong possibility of a civil war here these days, Drew Magary, and you have articulated the angry sentiments of the greater majority of us. But what we all must try very hard to do as this sentiment fulminates among us is to Remember Who We Are, and what is truly important to us. Who we are is members of the same human race, and the same citizens of these United States. Who we are is One People Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All. We are NOT simply Christians and Jews, and Moslems, and Athiests, and Catholics and “people of color”. We are ALL colors, all ethnic subraces and all versions of “believers” and non-believers, but we are all part of One Nation Under God.

And that means as we grow angrier by the day, we need to keep our head, and not “lock and load” and take aim at one another because we are furious with the Elites. We need to deal with them, and each other, with both understanding and compassion, as well as common sense.

If we blow up our planet, we won’t have anyplace to go home to at night. If we kill all our animals and our natural world, fill up our oceans with poisons and trash, and burn down our forests, we won’t have a place to call home. What we all need now is 5-minutes a day of clear thinking, and truthful awareness. NOT five minutes of massacre by AK-47s in the shopping malls, schools or churches.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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