Thank you! I truly enjoyed reading your story! (I"m 72, and believe me, I've had to learn to cope with my aging too...)... And then I saw that you live in the Texas Hill Country. OMG.. I SO MISS my home state...

I lived in Austin for 7 years after I'd left home and state and come back there. Then I lived out in the Hill Country in one of those middle-size towns (the name of which I forget, because of my advancing age... sigh...). But I got brave one year (in my 30s) and bought a Suzuki 400 motorcycle (NOT a motorbike.. a REAL motorcycle... you know... 1,000 pounds worth of Get up and GOooooo)!

GOD I loved that little Teal Blue/Green speed demon! I mention her weight because, you might guess it, I had to pick her up off the street one time! I went over the handlebars of my bike and landed on the hood of a lady's new Cadillac one day in the spring of 1977 - Right In Front of the Capitol Building in downtown Austin! (As you might guess, that was an unforgettable experience for me!) I slid off her hood, after smiling in her shocked face -- sigh... and after I pulled my helmet off my head, so my long blond hair fell down around my shoulders. Then her mouth dropped open and her eyes got real big, and I couldn't help it... I grinned. (I stifled my laugh... you do NOT laugh in the face of the person you just slammed into with your motorcycle at 8:30 in the morning on a Monday!)

Sigh... Texas Is Terrific - and the Hill Country is outstanding in the Spring ... when the Bluebonnets are blooming, and the Indian Paintbrush is competing with them, and the Monarch Butterflies are flying in rivers across the highway as you bike ride out to Bastrop. OMG I miss it! Sigh... (I'm up in Washington State now... It's beautiful here too, but it's NOT the Hill Country of Texas in the Spring.) Best regards.... BJ

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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