Thank you, Caren White, for your thoughtful assessment of our Orange Menace -- our Narcissist King of 2016. I believe we all know at this point that Donald Trump is mentally incapacitated by his paranoid narcissism--but what we aren't quite ready to accept is that he will actually try to overthrow our constitutional government. But as I'm sure you must know, Dictators are not interested in the Truth, nor are they necessarily rational men. They are often mentally disturbed (sometimes in the extreme). We are dealing with a narcissist past-president here. He is not sane. He is not even mentally capable of learning to become sane. He is Old, he is Tired, and he is Dangerous. He is not the first crazy self-absorbed old man who has ever assembled a clan of followers who think they can become members of a Power Elite that can overthrown a government. There have been quite a few of them over the decades and years of human world domination. I HATE thinking that America has grown too old to manage our government and our presidents effectively! Its very disturbing to see!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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