Thank you, David Andrew, for your thoughtful critique and your suggestions regarding my fervent wish for a Rewrite of our Constitution. Clearly I am not a "constitutional scholar" -- but I feel that a start must be made. If America is to survive--if our world is to survive!--we absolutely MUST step up to the task and do this thing. America is 200 years old. It cannot survive the technological, social, and environmental changes of this century without change. The Constitution is our basis for existence as an independent nation. We really MUST create a new one that takes into consideration the tremendous changes in our population and our culture (our ethnicity, our educational levels, our wild & crazy cultural differences, etc.). To say nothing of our technological advances!

Yes, I agree that Item 7 is a "dream" -- but I felt that if I didn't put some kind of a cap on all of this--some kind of a "suggested timeline" --- and more importantly, if I did not suggest the urgency of this request for action on all our parts, then what is the point of bringing up this demand at all.

Clearly a Constitutional Convention on the order of a 21st Century Re-creation of our Democratic Union will take a bit more time than a few short months. Lordy, lordy -- it could take all year. But we must start sometime, and our freedom, our viability and our nation's survival demands a commitment to act - and to act sooner, rather than later (before the polar caps are totally melted and the oceans are rising over all our shores, drowning our major cities. Time, as they say, is of the essence here.

I am most appreciative of your thoughtful contribution to this discussion! I hope others will join us! Best regards!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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